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Match Report

1st XI v Kilve (A)

Saturday, 17th May 2003
Somerset Cricket League
Division 1

Once again we headed South into rain soaked Somerset. It was damp and dull all the way to Bridgey then lo and behold the sun came out. Funny thing - weather. We arrived to find the splendid new pavilion was still a construction site. In fact not a great deal had been done since last season. Still, it will look great when its finished. (2007 I've heard)

Locky debated for 15 minutes whether to bat or bowl and then lost the toss, so we got stuck in on a surprisingly dry track. Andy and Dick open as usual and put on 22 until Andy mistimed a pull to mid wicket. Will came in and pushed up and down, smashed a few then played over a straight one (13) Dick was playing himself in with a good deal of patience, is this the right Richard Gatton we have here? used to be a bit more compulsive (could be age related, sorry Dick!) Anyway, in strode the Oz and then picked up his second duck 5 balls later. Yorked after falling asleep during the bowler's run up. Enter the in form Ken Mondair. Ken started with his usual steady bat pad routine pushing and nurdling ones and twos.

Other end, bye bye Dick, cleaned out by the younger Cobb. (24) Still a useful contribution considering the on off drizzle we had for the first hour or so. With lightening skies and Chew in a bit of a hole at 64 for 4 in came the skipper. Iain and Ken then chipped and pushed the score along at a good rate putting on 82 before Iain ran himself out, or at least didn't manage to run Ken out. Or something like that anyway. Bit of a yes no sorry with a double false start in the middle. Ken cruised on before opening the throttle and the run rate went on up. One monster blow went up 200 feet or more, and with the unlucky Kilve fielder running round in circles under the descending bomb we thought the worst (for the fielder). Well he survived and kindly kicked the ball over the line in the process.

Ken finally fell to the younger Cobb for 49. Yet another example of his mathematical brain. Top quality nay Olympic jug avoidance again there from Kenneth. Ali and Ben scampered a few more to push passed 160 and the extra point. After tea the sun really did come out and we set about the Kilve batsmen as if drinking time was at a premium. Chris Holley and Greg opened up. Chris removing the openers off pole in the 7th over. At the other end Greg was bending it like Beckham. Big awayers which were proving a handful. Not as testing as the massive off cutter he bowled the other opener with though. Top ball. 25 for 2.

In came their Oz who tried to pull a length ball and was snapped up by Ali at mid wicket. We did however hear the get out clause "can't see it, its in the sun" before he took the catch. Nice one Ali. Chris then removed the younger Cobb, caught by yours truly at second slip. Another diving effort from the ever green, supple and athletic former pie thrower. Ho ho. Oz then bowled their captain who left a straight one. Kilve 42 for 5 and looking down the barrel. (what does that mean? Any body know that?)

Well it all went quiet as Dave Cobb, 84 years old next week came to the wicket. Dave as he does, pushed, flicked and nudged the ball around like the old master he is. He rapidly became top scorer and kept on scoring with ease. Time for a change Locky. Well actually enforced as Chris (3 for 35) and Greg (2 for 20) had done their stint. On came Jason down the hill with a 60 mph side wind. Guess what, first ball was the mother of all sandshoers and Kilve were 6 down and staring up the barrel. Muddy has the rare ability to bowl a load of bassets followed by a ball that would dismiss Lara. This is what he did over the next 5 overs as he picked up 3 for 8, all bowled with the same delivery. Rhys picked up 2 at the other end, Dave Cobb being last out for 30. Kilve dismissed for just 82. Looks like being a long summer on the beach.

We all trooped back to the non existent showers and went up the pub. Just one last top effort though, I managed to rip the bumper off my car on the gang mower. Top effort that. Mrs T not very impressed when I got home. Still we're selling it anyway, the ash tray's full.

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