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Match Report

1st XI v Taunton Outcasts & Radiac (H)

Saturday, 24th May 2003
Somerset Cricket League
Division 1

I heard a rumour from the met office that summer was on its way this week. Well I wish it would hurry up, I think we've all seen enough puddings so far this season that some of us are putting on weight. Well we turned up to see another pudding and got what we expected. The forecast was reasonable, but for the elderly amongst us it was a two sweater day. Locky won the toss and put Taunton O's in. Chris from the drive end and Oz from the pavillion end opened up. Predictably the ball thudded into the pudding and plopped into Dick's gloves. The odd one from Greg did actually carry, but we could see if we bowled tightly a score of 150 would be reasonable. Bad start for the O's when a length ball from Chris held up and looped off the bat to Bucky, tearing in like a racing snake from extra. 2 for 1. Greg bowled a good line and had the O's batsmen in a good deal of trouble with "innies and outies" whatever they are Greg? Another wicket for Chris when the batsmen nicked the tiniest of outies to Dick who took the catch. The batsmen walked which helped umpire Derek Hicks to make the decision. Oz came roaring back with a wicket of his own, clean bowling the O's batsmen with an innie, or was it an outie aimed at leg stump?. Well anyway, timber everywhere and the O's were in the proverbial.

Chris gave way to Andy at the drive end. This was Andy's first bowl of the "summer" and one S Lee from the O's welcomed him back with 4, 6, 4, 1. Despite the slow pitch Lee continued to smash the ball to all parts until a monster innie from the Oz wrecked the furniture. Top score 38. Glinn the opener went to a smart diving caught and bowled and Taunton were on the ropes at 80 for 6. Andy having warmed up was then warmed down after 5 overs without success, and the rabbit exterminator was called up. Muddy came on from the drive end and almost fell on his nose first ball. Still wearing those carpet slippers Muddy? Time to visit the Globe Emporium I think. Well after that he soon got into his usual rhythm of line and length. That's one down the leg, one down the off. One full toss followed by a half tracker. If keeping the batsmen guessing was an Olympic sport Jason would be on the rostrum. Mind you, we all know that somewhere in the armoury is the unplayable delivery. We waited in vain for 3 overs and there was no sign of it.

At the pavillion end Oz had finished with 4 for 36 off his 12. Another top effort from from Greg. The vet pie thrower was brought on to try and part the tail enders. This he did with a cleverly disguised slower full toss which ripped Maison's off pole out and sent it cartwheeling towards Dickie. Well OK, it fell over. Two balls later a straight forward lbw had the O's at 96 for 9. Muddy came back and as predicted produced the unplayable delivery. It was a half tracker that got at least 3 inches off the deck. Luckily it was the straight one for the over and it was all goodnight flopsy.

After tea, Dick and Andy opened as per usual. In came the tall and bustling Maison who attempted to extract some life out of the pudding. Alas the coroner had already been called, and he was just wasting energy. In fact Andy dispatched him to extra cover 3rd ball which took the pace man a bit by surprise. Not as much as the 6 over long off though. Massive! top shot Andy. At the other end, Dick was scratching around like an old hen, and was caught behind for 7. Unlike Rich who has scored well so far this season. Well this didn't stop Andy who had heard the pub doors opening up the high street. He smashed the very average O's bowling to all parts ending on 60 n o out of the 97 needed. At the other end able support from the Bung who finished on 21 n o. including a couple of nice drives through covers for 4.

A good win against a team who should be better suited to the drier wickets that will soon be coming. I'm sure they will stay up with the batsmen they have. S Lee looked class. By the way, the pub was up the high street on the left hand side. Quite easy to find I thought?

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