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Match Report

1st XI v Ilton (A)

Saturday, 12th July 2003
Somerset Cricket League
Division 1

We travelled to the picturesque ground of Ilton on the hottest day of the year so far. The sun beat down mercilessly from an azure sky, and I suspected only mad people would willingly stand around in a field for 3 hours under its onslaught. Thank the Lord that Locky won the toss and asked them to field. Well it wasn't them but us who wilted in the first 10 overs. They had us at 34 for 4 and well and truly in it. Dickie slicing to slip, Oggie playing round an in-swinging, out-swinging, bouncer, grubber which jagged back, kept low and several other things before removing his off pole. Stan gave cover some catching practice, and all in all we were up the junction.

Coming to our rescue were Andy Witcombe and Oz. They put on 150 before Oz went for 49 (no money in his wallet). Andy went on and got to 76 before going LBW to a ball outside the off stick and hitting him in the gulags. Top decision there. Ali and Locky floundered before yours truly came in and helped himself to 3 half volleys on leg stump and a quick fire 21. This took us up to 197 for 8, which looked OK on a less than perfect track. It was certainly hard, but there was no pace or bounce, and puffs of dust came up from time to time, which to us seasoned groundsmen means only one thing, someone's dropped a bag of loam on the wicket and didn't brush it up. Or its too dry, one or t'other.

Well after a top tea we went out into the UV and tried to bag us some Iltonites. Our opening attack was taken to the cleaners like never before this season. After 8 overs they were 70 for 1 and the game was almost over. We dropped a catch and missed 2 run outs, so it was mostly our fault, but they played a lot of big shots and got away with it so they must take some credit for that. Ken and Rhys tied it up for 10 overs, but once Paul Oliver got going we were done for. Out for the first half of the season, then away on holiday, he came back and played some top shots in his 60 odd no.

We lost with 10 overs left and they had 6 wickets in hand. The bowling figures were not a pretty sight. Unlike the totty that turned up for the Vicars and Tarts party after the game. It was apparently 'Farmers' 40th birthday or something. The place was knee deep in scantily clad girls. Shame we had to go back to Chew really. Anyway, things must improve or we'll be for the drop. See you soon with better news from our game with Kilve.

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