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Match Report

1st XI v Wellington (A)

Saturday, 16th August 2003
Somerset Cricket League
Division 1

The M5 in August is a bit like one of those Alton Towers white knuckle rides, not much fun while you're on it, but a great relief to get off. With this in mind I set off for Wellington with a cunning plan, a cross country short cut missing out the motorway and all its delays, one which should bring me out somewhere near my destination, stress free and ready for action.

After getting stuck behind several tractors, a couple of Sunday drivers and a New Age Traveller bus I wasn't so sure. Finally I made it to the Taunton Junction expecting to see gridlock. Amazing! The traffic was flowing like a river in full flood. I think Victor Meldrew might have said something along the lines of "I don't believe it!" Anyway, I duly joined the flooding river cruised round the first bend straight into a 5 mile tail back. It took 20 minutes to get to the Wellington turn. I Finally pulled into the ground at 13:40. 1 hour and 50 minutes after setting out from LA (no not that one). Not bad for a 50 mile trip! Everyone else had already arrived except Ken, who wasn't expected for at least an hour owing to the fact that Whitchurch is still on GMT not BST.

The game started 15 minutes late under cloudy skies and with a northerly breeze. A nice change from the scorchio of last week. We batted first and the Bung and Dickie opened up. The run rate in the the first 10 wasn't spectacular, but against some variable bowling we were up to 46 without loss. Both openers looking good, pushing into gaps for singles and dispatching the odd half tracker. The score passed 50, and then on to 60. Bowlers were changed and we looked pretty good. Apart from Ali, King Buck the III who was fast asleep in his sarcophagus at deep square. At 67 for none Dickie had a big wipe at a half volley and was caught at slip by their South African. Then the Bung launched into a long hop from the change spinner and whacked it many a mile. So far in fact it carried straight to the man on the deep square boundary who made no mistake. Cries of "I don't believe it!" rang round the ground. The only fielder within 100 yards and Bung picked him out.

In came Greg to try and repair the damage. He played and missed at the first few, (overs not balls ! Got you again there Oz) and finally after boring the pants off most of the crowd he too whacked one many a mile. Guess where? Yep you guessed right. Straight down the throat of the same fielder at deep square. "Now I really don't think he wanted to do that!" chorused the crowd. Enter Ken to join Andy. The wicket began to do one or two strange things at about this time. We were 85 for 3 after 25 overs and although not in the poo, we would have liked 20 or so more on the board. Andy became the third eejit to whack one many a mile. Thank god it didn't go straight down square legs throat. Nope sports fans, it went straight down long offs throat. Three catches - all unnecessary shots. We were shooting ourselves in the foot, arm, leg and head all at the same time.

Ken carried on pushing then whacking as the wicket got worse and worse. King Buck III came and went. Locky came and went, and the tail wagged once or twice, but we finished on 161 all out in the 45th. Ken finally going bowled to a grubber. The wicket had looked OK to start with, but now it was certainly a very large bag of spanners. One end was going through the top, the other along the ground. Locky got one off a length over his head and over the keeper who was standing back!

After tea we went out determined to exploit the crumbling wicket to the best of our 'enormous' ability. Oz opened up from the grubber end, and I opened up from the "up yer nose" end. Oz bowling with some swing and lots of grubbers had opener Mark Salter caught by the flying Bung at slip. A whopping great long hop top edged at 80 mph plus smacked into Bung's hand like the crack of doom. Salts was distraught, the crash of his bat as he went back to the pavvy was heard over most of the ground. I was continuing from the other end looking for the "up yer nose" delivery. This I found in most overs which unsettled the batsmen. One delivery gloved the other opener and the ball flew to King Buck III at point who swooped to take the catch.

In came the overseas. One delivery jumped off a length and hit him on the gloves. He just smiled back down the wicket! This guy looked a bit useful. He cracked a couple of boundaries and the score began to climb, before he chased a wide outie and was caught at point by King Buck III. Good concentration from the royal Egyptian there. Oz and I came off to be replaced by Ken and Barby. The wicket was turning to dust at each end and was almost unplayable. Some deliveries jumping, others rolling along the floor. Locky picked up a wicket before Ken had 2 in 2 balls. The Welly middle order fell apart and they collapsed to 82 for 6. Veteran Welly stalwart Simon Rudd came in and played through all this mayhem, showing it could be done if you had the concentration needed. He moved into the forties before Ken struck again. A rocket shot at Chris Hole being taken in front of his face just as he woke up from his nine mile stare. Although the last pair took the score over 125 it was all over as the Oz came back to polish off the tail. He struck first ball with innie outie grubber which had the batsmen swishing at thin air.

A great result for Chew, Welly all out 131. 33 points in the bag, and we are almost assured of staying up. Although Ilton and Taunton Outcasts won, they play each other next week, so we should be here again next season. Our next game is against table topping Cheddar. Watch out for some fireworks next week, sports fans.

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