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Match Report

1st XI v Cheddar (H)

Saturday, 23rd August 2003
Somerset Cricket League
Division 1

Cheddar came to Chew Court desperate for maximum points. Their lead over Street was down to a couple of points and with games running out the pressure was getting to them. To say they were keen is a bit of an understatement. Pumped up and ready to go as if their lives depended on it. Lots of clapping and lbw appeals every time the ball hit the pads. We sat back and watched with interest as Dickie and the Bung took guard.

The openers Parfitt and Mooro bowled some pretty good stuff, but its our passion for self destruction that lets us down. Dickie looking good flashed at a wide HV (that’s half volley to the uninitiated readers) and was caught behind. Andy having pulled Parfitt to the deep square fence was caught behind doing the same, and then the Bung and the “Burly Ken” got out to the spinner Mooro. 41 for 4 and Cheddar were shouting and clapping even louder, appealing before the bowler released the ball and generally behaving like an Aussie test side. I wondered if I'd turned up at the wrong ground such was the tension.

The Egyptian faired little better, his 5 o'clock shadow didn't help him here. Ali played an immaculate FDS (that's forward defensive stroke for all you non players) and was caught behind off Parfitt. Enter Barbie. Greg and Locky started to repair the damage with a carefully crafted partnership that was soon annoying those uppity Cheddarites. They say cheese makes you have nightmares, well I would like to see how much cheese this lot had consumed before the game. They were having daymares!

The skipper and Oz piled on the agony as the score crept towards 100. Then calamity, Iain tried to slap the cheese thrower bowling from the Pavvy end to the fence, mistimed and was caught. The cheeses went bananas, whooping and running round like they'd dismissed the 'Don'. Locky trooped off with 21 to his name. Top effort from the skip. I trundled out to join the Oz and we set about keeping the scoreboard ticking over before the final onslaught.

The spinner from the Pavvy end was certainly chucking down some cheese pies, but try as hard as we could we couldn't take him apart. We put on 20 before I had a slog and was caught. Once again, major celebrations all round the field. I trundled off again to be replaced by CJ who promptly whacked the aforementioned cheese thrower over the fence for 4. Oh that's how you do it! This woke the Oz up, Gregg had been snoozing away at the non strikers for a couple of overs. Once roused from his slumber, Gregg put bat to ball, and whacked a few to the fence passing 50 in the process. CJ went, and Duncan came in for the last few balls. We ended up 151 for 7, not bad after 41 for 4. Also the odd delivery from the Pavvy end was misbehaving. Was there a chance of a big upset? Or were the big cheeses going to grind us into the dust?. In fact so much dust was accumulating on the square that I'm sure I caught sight of a scorpion at midwicket. There are definitely some cacti growing up by the fence, and Ali's hat has changed into a sombrero. Must be something in this cheese after all?

After a super tea from Rachael Gatton, battle resumed. The only things left on the tea table were a few cheese sandwiches. OK amigo, lets go. Gregg, or Speedy Gonzales as we now call him, opened up from the Pavvy end and I opened up from the Cactus end. The wicket did the odd funny thing but runs started to come quite easily. Then the ball was lost in the hedge over the road, and despite frantic efforts to find it from the cheesemen, we had to use an old orange painted red for the remainder of the match. Dunc found it straight away after the game. Funny that. I'll send the name of my optician to them next week. We did get both the openers with 40 on the board. Speedy C&B (can't be bothered to explain that) Veal and I had Parfitt caught by CJ at mid on. Dunc replaced Gregg and Ken replaced me in an effort to try and stem the tide. Dunc hit their Oz straight between the eyes with one that lifted off a length. He didn't seem too upset by that though. (Dunc I mean) Their Oz was shaking like a leaf. Nasty blow that one. However, after telling us was alright and as hard as nails anyway, he got out to AW next over. Hard cheese Oz! (yep, just a matter of time before that one slipped through). Ken took another wicket and at 88 for 4 they were looking a bit dodgy. No more whooping and a hollering from the Pavvy now! However, they aren't top for nothing, and the 5 and 6 batsmen buckled down and crept slowly towards the target. Locky changed it around but to no avail, and they hit the winning runs with 5 overs to spare. The whooping and a hollering recommenced and they went home with 34 points in the bag.

Their Championship will be confirmed next week when they meet the mighty Kilve. For us the season is almost over. We are assured of div 1 status next year unless the wheels, axles and most of the sub frame come off at Burnham next week. Any support down there is always welcome. This year we have the added incentive of £1,500 up for grabs. Should be plenty of a whooping and a hollering down on the beach next week. I wonder if they've got any cacti on their square?

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