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Match Report

1st XI v Burnham (A)

Saturday, 30th August 2003
Somerset Cricket League
Division 1

This game, the last of the 2003 season, was one that would go down in the history books for a couple of reasons. Firstly the two teams were battling it out for a share of 1,500. This 'prize' was put up by the Egyptian's family, and consisted of a wager between the two teams. Whichever team finished highest in the league would receive 1,000. the other team would pick up 500. Sounds mad, but that's what was on offer.

The second reason was a personal performance which I'll come to later. There was also the remote possibility of one of the sides being relegated if the wheels really came off. We needed 6 pts and Burnham 8 to prevent this unlikely outcome. Blue skies and a few cotton wool clouds welcomed us to the seaside. We lost the toss and got put in on a soft green wicket. Looked a bit of a sticky, but played very well under the circumstances. A visit to Burnham at this time of year usually spelt disaster for the batsmen. The wicket was either a raging Bunsen or just plain dangerous. The top soil having blown away by the end of June.

However, today it looked soft, flat and green. Had we all slept through Winter and May was here again? No way sports fans, it really was September. As I said we lost the toss and got put in. Barby opened with the Bung. The Bung smashed Tom Coombes' first over for 14, Barbie kicked most of Broggers first away with pad and boot. Determined to take the shine off the ball, Locky kicked away outside the off stump before being given out off side, or possibly lbw. Whatever, the result was 18 for 1 after 4. All 18 were to the Bung who was looking impressive. Coombes was generally bowling a lot of Bassetts while Broggers settled down to his usual nagging length.

The Bung began to accumulate while first Andy came then went. Caught off a wide on 18. This incidentally was the only catch their keeper took all day. Most of what passed the bat seemed to bounce out of his gloves. Top effort there. Then Ken was lbw to a leg side innie, Dickie played across the line and was also lbw. Things looked a bit shaky around 25 overs with half the top order back in the hutch. But the Bung, playing his best of the season held it together. He passed 50 as the Oz came and went, and then as we got towards the end of our innings, he began to play some top shots. Cuts, pulls, drives you name it, he played it. Their Oz came off after a good spell, and Broggers and Coombes came back on for the final onslaught. The Bung slowed in the nervous nineties, but finally came good with a flick behind square for his ton. The crowd went mad (if that is possible looking at the rest of the players gathered on the boundary). Top knock, standing ovation and general jolly good showing was offered from all and sundry.

The last couple of overs produced some slogging and we ended on 207 for 7. The Bung 119 not out. Next highest score was Mr Extras. Not sure what number he batted but he got 24. AW got 18 and the others chipped in with not very many. After an excellent tea, we took to the field for the penultimate time this year. Greg opened up down wind from the Rugby Ground end, and I opened from the Hedge and Bramble end. The ball swung about a bit under cloudier skies, and the Burnham openers were never able to dominate. Just a mention here for Malcolm House the Burnham stalwart of many a year. He had missed a lot of cricket with illness over the last year and had just come back for the last few games of the season. It was great to see him back on the park enjoying himself once more. Mind you we didn't want him to enjoy himself too much, as he is quite capable of smashing most attacks to all parts. The other opener flashed once too often at an outie from the Oz and Ken did his "I'll just lean over and pluck this tracer bullet out of the sky act" at backward point. Top catch from the Burly Ken.

Then the game turned round in the space of 4 overs. First I removed House with one that stopped and popped. He just lobbed it back up the pitch. Then next ball, danger man, Jim Bloodworth, edged an outie to the Bung at slip. 2 in 2! possible hat-trick here then. Not if you bowl a big outie to 2nd slip though. What a plank! Never the less Burnham had gone from 34 for 0 to 37 for 3 in 4 overs. Then double disaster, their Oz flicking our Oz through midwicket got a thickie to an outie and the ball looped Oggy at extra cover. 39 for 4 off 16 overs and the game was all but over. Locky took over from me at the hedge end and AW from Greg. Barbie bowled some line and lamp and was dispatched for 27 off 3 before the Burly Ken came on. AW and the Burly Ken kept a good line and length, the required rate rose to 6 then 7 an over and the game was almost out of sight for the seasiders.

A catch just behind square by a veteran pie trundler, off AW, removed the dangerous Brogden. 97 for 5. The middle order fought and died bravely, but an lbw for AW, a catch at cover by the leaping Oggy and finally a stumping off Ken left Burnham all out in the last over with 175 on the board. We had won the dosh, stayed in Div 1, and witnessed a top knock from the Bung. Not bad for a days work. Our final position is 4th which can't be bad in an up and down season with so many closely matched sides in the division.

Next week we're off to the hallowed ground of Taunton to (hopefully) win the cup. A feat last achieved in 1982, so why not come along and give your support. For travel details see the notice in the 'news' section.

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