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Match Report

1st XI v Taunton Outcasts & Radiac (at The County Ground, Taunton)

Sunday, 7th September 2003
Somerset Junior Cup, Final

Weathermen? What do they know? On Monday the forecast was for sunny intervals with some cloud. By Wednesday that had changed to heavy rain and gale force winds. Were we about to be blown away by Hurricane Barby? Not a bit of it sports fans, those Met boys couldn't forecast the winner of a one horse race. Unless of course our very own 400m runner was that lone horse, then maybe... well anyway. Dawn broke clear and bright with few high clouds, and no sign of Hurricane Barby. The coach was waiting outside the Bear as arranged and we set off for the game of the season in good spirits (well Thatchers anyway)

We were allocated the away dressing room, this had been good to us in 82 so the omens looked good. The sun was out as Iain went out to the middle to toss up. I say middle, but we were actually playing pretty near the boundary on the pavilion side. For those that don't know the ground it's the one with the big trees along it.

We lost the toss and we were put in. The game started 15 minutes early due to concerns with the light and weather. At this point I must say that the organisation of the whole day was top notch. Many thanks go to the Somerset Cricket Board and Mr Roger Snelling in particular. (Oh and Roger, can I have my tripod back please?) Creeping aside though it was very well done. Greg and Nick opened for us and began very solidly, taking no chances. The first boundary came in the 7th over when Greg smashed a drive back over the bowlers head. Outcasts immediately posted two men back. After this both batsmen began to find the fence with increasing regularity. Nick blasting one 4 over extra cover to the big boundary.

Greg went bowled to a leg stump Yorker for 19, but we had 50 on the board after 9 overs. The run machine Andy Witcombe was next in, and he began cautiously as well. At the other end Nick was beginning to score more quickly before he went for 23. That's 58 for 2 off 11. Next in was the Burly Ken. With 8 overs left the stage was set for a Ken Mondair fireworks display. Light the blue touch paper and stand well back. In fact both batsmen began to dominate the bowlers. The score climbed steadily towards 100 then Andy got out for a useful 29. Dickie came and went first ball, oops! and then with just 4 overs left Iain strode to the crease to join the Burly Ken. In mission control we sat back as the blue touch paper was lit. Then watched as Ken dispatched anything off line or length to most parts of the ground, and in one or two cases the car park. His score raced past 50 and he finished on 63 not out, a top effort from Ken. We saw something similar at Frome in the quarter final. Well Ken did it again to put us in with a real chance. We finished on 159 for 4 off our 20 overs. Nearly 8 an over is a big ask in any sort of cricket, but we new they had some big guns of their own, so we could take nothing for granted.

Greg opened up from the old Pavilion End and we struck gold with the first ball. An innie was tucked down to CJ on the long leg boundary. I say long leg, but really it was just 40 yards from the bat. Chris fumbled the ball and the batsmen thought there was two. Big mistake. There then followed a comedy of errors. The batsmen called yes, no, wait, maybe, say what? and about half an hour later decided they should try the second. Meanwhile at long leg, CJ was playing keepy uppy and juggling before sending an arrow like return straight to Ken at slip. Ken passed to Dickie who sprinted 10 yards to take the bails off. Meanwhile the two batsmen were still running round in circles in the middle of the wicket. 1 for 1 was the result. This brought Maison, one of the aforementioned big guns to the crease. There was no point in the Outcasts playing cautious cricket in this game sports fans. Shots had to played from the off or they would fall way behind that 8 an over run rate.

Lee and Maison set about the bowling as if the very cup final depended on it. Well OK, they set about me who had come on at the New Pavilion End. One delivery which pitched just short of a length outside off stump was dispatched many a mile to the mid wicket boundary for 4. Massive shot that one. Then with Maison on 20 he hit me straight down Oggies throat at long on. Oggie ran in 10 yards to let the ball drop behind him and bounce into the fence. Top effort! For a moment I thought match fixing in the cup final, surely not. The Oz bowled a very economical spell 5 overs for 18 runs. I managed to get Lee for 18 in my last over, caught by CJ at long off. My 5 overs went for 40! oops.

On came Duncan Read, pace man of yesteryear. Off the long run. First ball banged in short and Maison spooned it back to him. Out c&b 38. top knock from the big fella. Hewton came and went. Caught by Nikkay at gully off the Burly Kens first over. We were on a roll. The rate was up to 10 an over and the Outcasts supporters were looking a bit glum. Enter Mr Dingle. The others had been pop guns compared to this guy. He was the real Big Bertha. Dunc's next over was flayed to all parts. Ken remained firm at the other end, but some doubts began to creep in. We had to get him out pretty quick. Dunc was taken to the cleaners again next over, and Ken still bowling tight lines kept the required run rate at 11. A couple of better overs and the rate climbed to 14.8 surely an impossible task? Dingle didn't think so, and launched Duncan to the furthest boundary over mid wicket for a monster 6. The crowd went mad and one or two bottom lips began to go on the Chew balcony. Then with 2 overs left Dingle departed, caught by Oggie on the long off boundary. Top catch that, must have gone up several hundred feet. 13 off the last over and Pengelly still there. Duncan bowled it. One boundary was scored, but there were a couple of dots and a single. 2 balls left and 8 needed. They could only manage 2 singles.

We had won the cup by 5 runs. What a game, what a great day for the club and all its supporters. We received the Cup from Roger Snelling on the pavilion balcony to the cheers from the crowd. Ken was made man of the match and received a huge silver ash tray for his effort. We all got pint mugs inscribed with the Somerset Griffon and some words which I couldn't make out through the beer. Once more I would like to thank all our supporters for coming along, to Winford Queen for supplying the transport, to Warren for being our match day manager, and to Bruce Palmer who came, drank and sang songs. How's the head Bruce? This is the last report for the season. I'm off to sunny Spain to rest my aching bones, but will be back with more reports next season.

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