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Match Report

1st XI v Knowle (H)

Saturday, 3rd May 2014
West of England Premier League
Bristol Somerset

Elvis writes:

"The ink well has been replenished, the quill dusted off, and a massive box of summer fruits squash has been delivered. This could only mean one thing – it was cordial time. Like a child on Christmas morning, I awoke on Saturday to bright sunshine and the first game of the season. And boy was I excited. After last season's promotion despite our old captain being abducted by aliens, we were now playing cricket with the big boys. And I for one couldn't wait.

The fixture computer had spat out the first game: Chew at home versus Knowle. I had spat out my cup of tea. And the aliens had spat out the abducted Solly and dropped him back at Knowle, where he was now leading their bunch of merry men.

With our team picked, and no chat whatsoever of our ex-skipper, we turn up at a resplendent Chew Court for the opening game. No Watto – he was still cruising the downs on a Saturday – but the young lads all look good, even if Rowan had "bulked up" over the winter. Mr Coombes was scoring as the Chairman was still recuperating in Thailand with the golf day raffle money.

Dash lost the toss, and Jose Solly chose to bat on a damp green top that looked like a bowler's dream. Unfortunately, me and Gary both had nightmares early doors, me having the control of a child in a penny arcade. Last year's trusty pairing in Thomson (1 for 43 off 10) and The King (2 for 31 off 8) pulled it back, but with dropped catches and buffoon-like fielding Knowle got 239. To be fair they did bat well – the younger Brimble and Jack Weymouth both getting scores.
Tea was taken, and what an opening stand it was. Wraps. Chicken legs. And a vegetable curry that even Charlie Charles had a go at (once we'd told him the veg all came from the Valley and it wasn't curry, just gravy).
Batting commenced and we looked poor... Then out of the darkness cometh the light, in the shape of Vile (58) and Dash (48) who smashed it everywhere giving us real hope. They both go, but in turn Rowan (42) then Gary (31) then Charlie (20) get us within cuddling distance. But like Charlie and his portion of vegetable curry, we just couldn't quite finish the job.

Losing in the last over by five runs to your ex-skipper and a load of blokes you know and everyone telling you what a great game of cricket it was is not a nice feeling, trust me. But after a few apple-based drinks, things looked better. The older Brimble doing Minnie the Moucher with Wheelie in the Pelly was a highlight.
Monday morning, with a clearer head, we did ok to be fair. In fact, one or two of you did bloody well. We all know we can, and must, do better if we are to stay up. And like the great man said, It's Now Or Never..."

Report by KL

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