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Match Report

1st XI v Wembdon (A)

Saturday, 31st May 2014
West of England Premier League
Bristol Somerset

LETTER FROM AMERICA... With Elvis in San Francisco and Chew playing out of the Valley, our foreign correspondent Alistair ‘Captain America’ Cooke travelled down the M5 to watch proceedings at Wembdon and filed this report: The West’s chief meteorologist ‘Sunny Set’ had firmly put on his hat, shut the door and left the fawcetts on full flow this week so Wembdon’s groundskeeper did a solid job in ground preparation for the BIG GAME. The umpires were happy. So let’s play ball! Wembdon won the ramdomisor nickel flick and decided to pitch. Left arm gunslinger Brendan ‘sailorman’ Pope(ye) had eaten his spinach and ripped out Chew’s top rated hitters with hardly a base hit between them. Without a win in 2014 Chew looked as likely to turn it around as the Red Sox of the 1990s. But CMCC MVP Stu ‘Babe’ Watson wasn’t ready to leave the diamond – he went upstairs, he hit it out the park, always looking for a maximum. He impressed the North Petherton cheerleaders and with two home runs completed an awesome tonnage. Senior VPs batting were Chew Valley soccer coach Charlie #Thompsonin with 18 and Kenny ‘the King’ Mondair 15 including a 2 timer four strike in the penultimate play. Wembdon’s Jonny ‘Lord’ Brockwell claimed 3 strikeouts and Chew set 187 to slug for victory. An amazing FilerG double play in the first pitching over, including Wembdon Hall of Famer Sam Puddy to a stunning Backstop catch, more than made up for his free pass in the Chew innings. Davis ‘I don’t want to bat I just want to relax’ Chasimba totally showed his pitching hero credentials. His mix of fast and curve balls destroyed the Wemdonians batters including Major League Draft, Ian ‘one man team’ Blackwell, who bunted the ball back for a return scoop. That left Row ‘Cata’ Coombes and #Thompsonin to clean up proceedings with a great mixture of intercepts, decision timber destruction and special leftfield play from Rookie 3rd Baseman Sam Locke taking a great hold on a huge SKYball. Chew Magna’s playmaking at Wembdon proved they were the The Real Gold in the Thatcher’s apples enjoyed after the game. That’s all folks!

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