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Match Report

1st XI v Twyford House (A)

Saturday, 9th May 2015
West of England Premier League
Bristol & North Somerset

Up all night waiting to see who gets in, the nervous jokes, the "I'm not bothered either way " lines ... Then me phone beeps, I grab it and read the list. YES! I'm in and I'm off to Twyford house Saturday morning. 11.50 meet for a 1 o'clock start.

So after last week’s win we have Chew’s first away game of the season and it's down the Portway to Penpole Lane. This obviously caused Charlie sleepless nights as he hasn't left Somerset since we played Frenchay last year, but I promised him I'd look after him and it was all good. We welcomed back nutty Sam and the debutant Garth Tiley to the side. Garth is a Chew boy who tried to make it in the city, but failed, so came home to the Valley, unlike last week’s centurion who this week went the other way for his brother’s 41st birthday disco dressed like Jimmy Crankey.

So we turn up at Twyford with talk of a long night of cider and then a BBQ which, pumpkins, makes this tubby chap rather happy. Happier still when Dash wins the toss and we bowl and with the covers at Twyford not doing their job, me and FilerG are licking our lips. Well, for the first few overs we were anyway… They bat well, with Mr Armfield plundering 98 from Chew’s attack leading the way. Pick of the bowlers was again Chew’s white Joel Garner, getting his first 5-for for Chew. The rest of the bowlers looking like Art attack not Chew attack. We dropped more catches than Cameron kissed babies, trust me, and fielded like it was the first time we’d ever played cricket. They get 254 – not out the way but a slightly above score on a small ground.

Tea was taken and a fabulous effort it was too. Cheese, ham, French stick, and flan. A great effort tea ladies, I salute you. And you get an 8-out-of-9 from me.

We get our reply off well, till both Adam and Dash miss straight ones and go lbw. Watto snicks off, but Potty Sam bats well and so does Charlie. Unfortunately I give the last wicket away and we're all out for 204. We deserved to get beat. We switched off in the field and gifted them maybe 40 runs, but credit where it's due – they bowled better, batted better, and deffo fielded better.

So to the bar what else could go wrong? Well, they run out of Thatchers, the BBQ is now in a cooker, and me wife turns up with me son who won his game taking more wickets than me (not hard at the minute, by the way) and even he is giving me heaps. Twyford out played us, out drunk us, and if there was an Elvis night there they probably would of won that too. But that could just be my suspicious mind! Nets next week and catching practice a must one feels. Onwards and upwards!

Report by Chew Elvis

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