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Match Report

2nd XI v Horrington (A)

Saturday, 6th August 2005
Somerset Cricket League
Division 3 NE

Just a short trip this week to Horrington, and what a nice ground it is. First time in 43 years of playing that I've ever played there. Chew were inserted on what looked a good track. A bit of grass, but generally flat and not too soft. Openers Smith and Gatton scored slowly at first and then ground to a halt against not the scariest of attacks, it must be said. Rich did finally get going and even found the fence a few times. The outfield was a tad long, some of their younger players were only just visible over on the cover boundary!

After drinks the score was 82 off 22 overs. Rich quickly completed a well crafted 51 before going caught at point off a long hop. Earlier Smithy has nodded off at the crease and was stumped as he fell forward onto his nose. He made a tortoise-like 31 off 25 overs. Sam Kirk and Neil Ogborne set about the pop gun attack like men possessed (which is exactly what they are) possessed of a love of whacking it miles. Well they scored a rapid 13 and 12 before both being caught. CJ came in and immediately had another numpty moment playing ATL to a slow trundler called Russell. He was bowled off his pads and stood there for a couple of minutes. A truly head shaking moment. We all wondered if he'd go off bang, but credit to him he stayed very calm under the circumstances.

In came Mad Bob who looked cool in a crisis and he began to amass some more runs. Higgo came and went for a Donald. Higgo was wearing some of his sisters ballet shoes to bat in, I was told later that his servant had forgot to pack one of his batting boots. Poor bloke went straight to the job centre without a whimper! Anyway, Higgo in ballet shoes and tutu went for a Donald, caught at third man off a full toss. Top effort that. In came the Pie who with Bob pushed the score up to and beyond 150. When Bob was out caught for 22 things looked a bit bleak, but with some mad running (two run outs, sorry boys) and one or two shots the tail wagged enough to get us to 164 before the Pie was out stumped (3 or 4 times off the last ball).

After tea the game resumed with Sam Kirk opening up down the hill, with the wind and the Pie coming up, (been there before) to be fair, Sam did a top job bowling very accurately and conceding just 12 runs off his opening 8 overs. The Pie was doing a good job too until Jones hit him for a 4 and then a 6. After these mad rushes of blood Mr Jones went back into his shell for the next 28 overs. It was about this point in the proceedings that CJ popped up again with a top quality Numpty Moment. The Pie bowls, the batsmen dollies it up to cover, in comes CJ and takes the easiest of catches, oh no he doesn't! he makes a complete arse of himself as the ball pops out of his hands. Everyone is dumbstruck, we all wait for CJ to explode, but no he composes himself and the game continues. Top self control from the Felton Pond Consultant.

Mad Bob took over from Sam and wickets began to fall. This lot aren't second bottom for nothing and we soon see why as Bob has them tied up in knots. Higgo in his ice skates takes over from the Pie, bowls a load of bassets and picks up a wicket, no change there then. With overs running out the Horringtonites attempt to increase the tempo. This is futile as first Sam comes back on and then the Pie follows him. The Pie picks up 3 more bunnies before CT has a go down the hill. It all ends in farce as Horrington desperate for a run to get the extra point, and Chew desperate for another wicket to get another point square up for the last ball. CT bowls it, the batswoman (yes, no misprint here) swings, misses and Rich runs out the unfortunate Jones who is 3 yards short. So we get the point and Horrington miss out. Tough luck on them, but this is life and death and we take no prisoners.

Well Smithy wins again, more points in the bag which keeps us up with the leaders. Tune in next week for more madness from the ruthless twos. Numpty moment CJ's drop and duck, champagne moment the Pie's two in two followed by a wide! (bit harsh I thought, but I did have my eyes closed).

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