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Match Report

2nd XI v Barrington (H)

Saturday, 1st July 2006
Somerset Cricket League
Division 2

The sun blazed down from a cloudless sky, the mercury was rising past 30C (that's 86F for all you oldies) as we welcomed Barrington to Chew Court for this weeks game. Warren lost the toss and after several seconds cogitating decided we would field in the heat of the day. Well it wasn't his choice, but we blamed him anyway. The sun was so strong that several players had to wear shades to combat the shine off Warren's head.

Barrington started slowly and with Thomas The Trundle (TTT) and Stan the Man Kirk opening up runs were in short supply. Briston went for 1 caught at the wicket by Manny who made good ground to catch the ball. Stan had young Alpin caught for 5 and we were hoping the floodgates would open. Sadly they didn't and Pitman and Tratt slowly but surely clawed their way back into the game.

After 20 overs they were 56 for 2 and looking like they might struggle to reach 150 on what curator Locke had prepared. Which was in fact a top class strip. One Boycs would definitely have rolled up and taken with him, worth 220 to 250 any day of the week.

Mad Dog came on to replace Stan and spun his web without success. Charlie Thompson had a couple of overs but also without success. Sid Locke came on at the pavilion end and still nothing, What were we to do? TTT was bowled out, so Wazza brought back Stan with immediate success removing Pitman's off peg (for 60). Then Sid Joined in by getting rid of Tratt for 68. Enter Alan Wellman, stalwart of BCC for the last 25 years or more, he looked good before, as overs ran out, he swiped at Sid sending a Ken Mondair like Saturn 5 skyward. Everyone looked to see what poor creature was under it, yes it was me. With the sun glaring off Wazza's head and the ball still going up TTT had to revolve slowly under it before it landed "plop" into a couple of buckets. Palfry was run out for 3 and Barrington had sort of collapsed a bit at the end, but 184 for 6 was reasonable. all we had to do was bat out the 45, simple enough? No way, the is CMCC, we don't do simple.

After a stunning Pam and Alex tea we watched Rooney stand on some unfortunate Portuguese's sensitive area before getting red carded, as did Wheelie for helping himself to two slices of cake. After tea and with England desperately trying to win it in Deutschland, we were desperately trying to throw it away in Chew Magna. Warren opened with Chris Joyce. Warren true to form looked dodgy and ultimately disappointed again holing out to mid on.

Then followed what can only be described as a collection of forgettable dismissals out of the Upton Chutney Third Team's coaching manual. Matt Wells bowled by a wide off his pads, CJ lofting to a 9 year old at cover, Stan following the captain's example by holing out to the same fielder off the same bowler. Mad Dog stayed a while before being cleaned out by Alan Wellman who bowled with control and accuracy.

Watching all this at the other end was Chris Joyce who just stayed and stayed, played himself in and then began to dominate. Chris played the sort of innings that openers should dream about. On a shirt front that had recently been ironed by Boyc's mum he looked quality. Having played himself in he just waited for the bad ball and put it away. The Barrington attack which started with a beamer and went down hill from there had no answer to it. Sid came and went to a Sid slog, stumped by 2 yards, before Manny came in whacked his usual monster 6 over long off and the game was over. After Chris who scored 84 not out the next highest scorer was Mr extras who chipped in with 58, yes, that's 58 valuable runs. We all dragged ourselves off for a cold shower and an even colder beer. Still a win is a win and with more points in the bag our promotion push continues.

The awards for this game were tough, but the Champagne moment goes to Chris Joyce, take any of his 13 fours out of what was a top quality innings and you've got the champagne moment. The CJ Hole Numpty Moment goes to .......... CJ Hole! for his careless dismissal. I know he got the only ball to misbehave all day, but looping one up to cover to be caught by a 5 year old, well that's pants. That lad is still doing his open top tour of Barrington to celebrate, (on his tricycle).

Back next week for more fun in the sun when we take on Taunton. Out for revenge we are, having had our bottoms spanked by 9 wickets in the opener in May. If Wazza scores runs I Predict a Riot as someone once said.

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