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Match Report

1st XI v Wembdon (A)

Saturday, 30th June 2007
Somerset Cricket League
Division 1

This top of the table clash was the only game played in the entire division. Some may wonder if it should have been, but we could not complain about the result after our poor batting performance. Delayed for an hour, the game was reduced to 38 overs a side. Predictably Rusty lost the toss and even more predictably we were inserted on a paddy field.

The covers, resembling something like the worlds largest bin liner, were pretty ineffective and the track was saturated. Even so, it was well grassed and this probably helped let the ball come through at a reasonable height.
Bingham and Bailey opened up for Wembdon and we were in trouble inside the first over as Bones, thinking he was on a shirt front not Uncle Ben's back yard, went big third ball and was duly caught at mid off. 0 for 1, good start Chew.

This started a procession with Nick LBW, Locky LBW, Rusty caught mid on, Oggy LBW, Ken LBW and Danny run out in a Key Stone cops like farcical way. So there we were 23 for 7 and a record low score staring us full in the face. For those of you who want to know what our low score is, its 42 v Street in 2003. But that was against a quality attack. The Wembdon attack was pretty ordinary, apart from Bailey who bowled line and length and let the numpties at the other end do the damage.

We were either looking at a disgraceful score, early tea and no Happy Valley, or someone had to get their head down. The next pair at the wicket showed just what was needed and Mark, "Ando, Sheepie, Asics" Anderton and Ben", no nicknames yet," Frawley did just that. They applied themselves, did the basics and the score edged up to 50 and beyond. Then 100, and as overs ran out, Sheepie got to 50 and then Ben who had assisted in most un Aussie like conditions for 20 overs, finally went for a valiant 22.

Thomas "The Pie" joined Anderton and they edged the score up to 117 for 8 off the 38 overs. The whole afternoon was played under racing storm clouds, a fair breeze coming up from the South West, but apart from a couple of light showers it never really rained. Meanwhile all around we could see rain falling in sheets on the Quantocks and further North. The Wembdon micro climate had struck again.

After tea we set about the Wembdon openers and struck lucky early on when the Pie slipping in his delivery stride, such was his pace through the wicket, dropped in a mega half tracker which completely fooled the batsman into cutting it to Danny Gatton at gully, who took a stunner. The number 3 looked comfortable, and the score slowly crept up. the run rate was a mere 3 an over and we weren't making any inroads. Ben had a go, but was unable to get the breakthrough, and just when it looked as if all hope was gone, it got worse. Jim came on and bowled the worlds worst full bunger, waist height, leg side and traveling at 34.8 mph. Fraser (7 and a half) would have murdered it. The batsman, again taken by surprise top edged it to Ando lurking in the gloom behind square.

From the other end Rusty struck when their Aussie lofted one to cover, suddenly wickets began to tumble and the Wembdon balcony, well OK concrete paved area, went quiet. As darkness fell so did more wickets, as Jim picked up 3 more in as many overs. Slogger, number 99 according to his shirt, picked out Oggy at deep mid wicket with such precision it looked as if match fixing had reared its ugly head again. But credit where credit is due, the beleaguered captain Harry held it together and closed in for victory. Then yet another twist, the drizzle turn to light rain, you know, the stuff that really gets you wet, as opposed to that new kind of rain that doesn't.

This meant we were forced from the field as the umpire in specs couldn't see, nor could captain Harry or me for that matter. We adjourned for 15 minutes or so and the game looked safe for us as they had only needed 12 off 8 overs. sadly the time lost only resulted in 4 overs being deducted, where's the tropical downpour when you need one? Just our luck to hit the eye of the storm at the crucial moment.

Well back out we went into the twilight zone for the last 3.4 overs. They needed 12 to win and we needed 3 wickets. Where's Yeates when you need him? Of course they got the runs as we chased vainly around after the ball which was by now virtually invisible in the dark. So overall a game effort by the bowlers and fielders, but the batsmen should hang their heads for their collective numptyism.

Now for the awards. The MoM is a no brainer, no that isn't what you need to get a job with Asics, it means its an odds on certainty. Yes of course Mark Anderton for his maiden first team 50 and without whom we would have been humiliated. Top effort Ando, and if Rusty doesn't put you up to number 7 next week I'd write to your MP.

The Champagne moment goes to Danny Gatton for his catch at gully, quality effort form the 14 year old there. The CJ Hole Numpty Moment is shared, not by batsmen 1 to 6, but by Oggy and Danny Gatton for their Yes, no, wait, what, sorry exchange half way down the track which ended with Danny being run out for 1, well done fellas, you brought comedy to Wembdon for the first time in a generation.

Back next week for more mishaps and mungoisms from Chew Magna CC. Oh, and don't forget the big game on Sunday. The weather forecast is for torrential rain, so we've moved it to Wembdon just in case.

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