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Match Report

1st XI v Wellington (A)

Saturday, 5th June 2004
Somerset Cricket League
Division 1

Our trip to Wellington was the highlight of last year, for all our car spotters, as we spent an hour or more stationary on the M5. This year wasn't too bad, only an hour and a half for the whole journey down. Still managed to spot a rare VW Beetle soft top on the other carriageway, ho ho, not that sad really!

Anyway, we arrived in good time for our warm up routine. This is a general runabout and then throw balls at Dickie's shins. Us old pro's though have a different warm up routine, tons of Deep Heat and elastic bandages. Not sure on the toss, but we batted first on a pretty good looking strip. Wickets at Welly had been a bit indifferent over the last few years, but this looked a big improvement. The ball came onto the bat, the bowling was less than threatening, and we sat back to watch the run fest. 7 for 2 we were after 4 overs ! Our usual start was even bettered this time. No, not even 10 for 2 this time, how bad can it get? The victims were Nick Beedell, first game in the ones for 4 years. He got a quacker, bowled by an innie which popped, kept low and generally did all things known to science before bumping into his middle peg. Bad luck Nick, didn't even have time to get the camera out to record the moment.

Dickie popped one up to mid off and we were in the cart and half way to the landfill before the game had started! Andy Wit and Gregg set about the rescue attempt. Slowly but surely they built on our poor start and pushed the score up to 50 then on to 75 and beyond. Sorry to be so vague, but didn't get a real good look at the book before Locky rushed back to Chew in his turbo charged van. Well just as it looked like we were about to explode with runs, Andy took a wipe at one from the tennis court end and was cleaned up for about 35 I'd say. Gregg kept going and passed his fifty with some top shots. He really does look the part at the moment. Shots all round the wicket. One extra cover drive went like a tracer bullet to the fence, knocking over several Welly fielders in the process.

The Burley Mondair had joined Gregg and once more the score began to climb. Ken doing his pushing and flicking game for the first few overs before going big, I mean big shots here not anything uncomplimentary ! Then just as Ken got into jug avoidance territory, he put up a catch to long on. When I say put up a catch I really mean launched a Saturn 5 to the edge of space. Sadly there was a Welly astronaut under it when it came down. Despite its re-entry speed of Mach 4 he clung on to it. As we came to the last 10 overs first Oggie then Bones and finally the skipper went for quick runs, supporting the Oz as best they could. Oggie and Bones perished, but Locky stayed for the last 4 overs and Gregg passed the three figures for the second time in 3 weeks. He finished on 111 not out. Our total of 189 for 7 was OK, but on that wicket we would have liked 200. After a top tea, organised by the delightful Jess, we all trooped out for the second half. Gregg and Adam opened up. Gregg was on the spot straight away, and Adam was also on the spot, unfortunately it was sometimes the same spot as Gregg. Adam seems to have taken over Muddies role of Bassetts bowler for the week. To be fair he did bowl one or two corkers, but they were rare birds in a spell of 6 overs of all sorts.

I took over from Adam, up the hill into the wind again ! Don't they know how old I am? Anyway we steadied it down for a few overs, but Mark Salter and Rob Moysey were looking likely to put on a big opening stand. As the partnership went passed 100 we all began to fell a bit deflated. Then as the saying goes, one brings two, this is what happened. First Moysey went to a Gregg innie LBW and then Salter to a Thomas in ducker also LBW. The number 3 went bowled off the inside edge and we were back in it again. Gregg took a blow and Ken came on from the tennis court end. I continued to crawl on all fours up the hill to finish my 12 overs off. At this point they were still in charge, but the run rate was nearing 6 an over. Nick Beedell took over from me as the tension mounted. Nick took a wicket, then Andy who had replaced Ken took one. 6 down, the run rate up to 7 off the last 8 and we were looking favourites for the first time since tea.

Then disaster struck, The number 6 whacked Nick for 16 off one over and we were looking a bit deflated. Then worse still, in a 4 over period we dropped 4 catches. This basically cost us the game. They were really up against it as were came to the last 5 overs, but we kept handing them lifelines. Had we held even two of them we would probably have won by bowling them out. At the end they wanted 6 off the last over with 8 wickets down. Not an easy task, but they swung, hit and ran and we were left wondering where it all went wrong. We came off pretty down hearted, we had the game there, but threw it away. Lots of long faces in the dressing room until Oggie opened his bag up to find a pair of sexy girlie knickers hidden away amongst his towels. Not sure who put them in there, but they didn't fit anyone in our team. I'm sure he can explain everything.

Check out the pics on this game in the gallery. There's one or two good action shots in there. I'm off on holiday for a week to my private villa on Mustique so there might not be a report next time.

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