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Match Report

1st XI v Oxford Downs (H)

Sunday, 8th July 2007
National Village Knockout, 5th Round

Chew went into this game feeling very confident after two good victories against stronger opposition in the earlier group stage. Despite indifferent league form Captain Dave Filer was upbeat about our chances against the unknown team we were about to face. Oxford Downs have a good pedigree in this competition and we knew we would have to be at our best to get a result.

Downs won the toss and decided to bat which seemed a bit strange at the time, but they obviously knew their strengths and probably thought that batting us out of the game was their best chance. The openers got off to a quick start as anything loose from Gary Filer and Rhys Thomas was dispatched to the fence. Chew got the much needed breakthrough when Thomas had the Downs Captain lbw playing across the line. Dave took over from his brother and had immediate success as he had the other opener caught behind. 47 for 2 looked good, but off only 7 overs, the run rate was a bit high.

Enter young Perkin, a Kevin Peterson look a like. He immediately swiped at anything within reach and despite missing several and nearly being bowled on more than one occasion, he hit quite a few and the score began to climb alarmingly. Most of his shots went airbourne, but they were hit with plenty of power and never seemed to be where the fielders were.

After 6 overs or so he settled down and played a bit more circumspectly, but by then he already had 40 to his name. Thomas' 6th and last over of his first spell went for 16, and he took a much deserved rest. Ando had a go from the Pavilion end and despite a maiden still went for nearly 30 off 4 overs. It was time to take the pace off a bit and try and defend the boundaries, or we were looking at 300 plus.

Andy Witcombe came on at the Pavilion end and Iain Locke came on at the tree end. Andy bowled his low slow difficult to hit line and Lockie did the ultimate dibbly dobbly impersonation at the other end. This did reduce the rate from 8 an over to 5 but it was still plenty high. Lockie picked up two wickets, one bowled and one caught by Oggy at cow corner. Andy didn't take any wickets, but apart from his last over that went for 20 did a great job in keeping Perkin and List under some control. In the last few overs Perkin went mad again and passed the ton on his way to 128 not out. The final score of 279 for 4 was pretty impressive and we knew we had to bat well to come close to this.

After tea Rich Gatton and Bones opened up and got off to a slow start, Bones departed for 3 lbw and then Nick followed suit 2 overs later. After 10 overs we were 33 for 2 and pretty much out of the game. Enter the Burly Mondair. Ken along with Dave Filer began to up the rate. We needed Ken to go big and he looked on his way, but missed a straight one and got bowled. Gary Filer played a few shots, but he too went cheaply. However, Dave and Oggy then put on a show of stroke play to rival the aforementioned Perkin. Dave hit 63 and Oggy 48 as Chew raced to 200 in good time.

Sadly, just as we got into the final 10 overs first Dave, caught off a high full toss at long off and then Oggy, bowled playing another big shot, were sent back to the hutch. Our chances were looking slim, and our only hopes were Andy Witcombe and Ando, but both perished quickly for 1. Lockie was doing his usual run a ball prodding act, but even with all the fielders on the fence 6 an over was not enough. The end came with 2 overs left and 35 needed when Thomas, called for a second on a miss field, payed the penalty of too many buns and not enough sprint training. Despite an heroic dive he was out by a foot and the game was up. As we thought 280 was a tall order, but the Downs bowling, List apart, was pretty ordinary and had we got a better start, and maybe Rusty or Oggy had gone to the end, then who knows? Still it was a gallant effort by the batsmen and we can certainly come out of the game with some credit. We wish Downs well on their travels to Marshfield in what should be another exciting game.

The awards are pretty irrelevant, but here they are anyway. The Champagne moment goes to Andy Witcombes first 8 overs. Bit of a long moment, but quality trundle under the circumstances. The CJ Hole Numpty moment goes to Ando, calling for a catch from long leg which was heading for Bones at mid wicket. Even in your youth Ando, you would have Been struggling to get under that! (mind you, I didn't hear a shout from Bones either)

The MOM goes to Rusty Filer for his flamboyant 63. Some top striking of the ball Rusty. Now lets see you do it against the Pie Throwers of Wedmore on Saturday. Well that's the dream over for another year. Time to take another reality pill and get back to the Two's.

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