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Match Report

1st XI v Evercreech (H)

Saturday, 3rd July 2004
Somerset Cricket League
Division 1

The second half of the season kicked off with a visit from high flying Evercreech. Our first encounter produced a lot of runs on a wet wicket at Evercreech. This time the wicket was a bit drier, but still damp after overnight rain and a lack of covers. Oops, knew I forgot something! Chew won the toss, the coin thrown up by Thomas the pie, who was deputising for the injured Capitan Locke. Locky has a dislocated wallet or something equally painful. Hopes to be back after the budget. Chew bowled first and Rusty and Gregg opened up. The bowling was top draw for the first 10 overs or so. The Evercreech openers Harding and Wood ( M ) hardly got a run as the two Chew pace men kept a nice line and length early on. In fact things would have been even worse for the visitors if our Olympic 400 meter runner had held on to a catch at square leg after just 5 overs. Martin Wood the beneficiary.

Luckily the prolific Wood didn't get too many more as he was caught behind off a Rusty lifter. That sounds like a cocktail to me?. Harding also went, bowled by Rusty with a well pitched up delivery. The pressure on the Evercreech top order increased when Thomas the Pie took over from Rusty at the pavilion end and had Darren wood caught behind for just 5. Good catch too, snaffled up low by Nick the Gloves Beedell. The Burly Mondair took over from Gregg at the tree end and bowling his usual tight lines kept the score down, and picked up two more wickets as the Creech top order melted away. They needed a rescue mission and we needed just a couple more to roll them over for less that 125.

Sadly for they took control as Chinnock junior came in and set about the bowling (me especially) like a man possessed. Which is exactly what he was. Possessed with a heavy bat and a good eye. He whacked his way to a quick fire 42 before being a victim of the Burly Mondair. More sadness for us here as he was dropped behind when he had 3! Those runs were to prove costly for us later in the piece.

At the other end a young lad with a red lid was holding us up with stout defence as we strived for the vital wickets we needed. To secure these wickets I brought back Rusty and Gregg. They did get two more wickets, but not the red lid, who gaining confidence began to play shots. Joined by the skipper, they put on a 40 run stand which changed the shape of the game. The wicket was getting easier and Rusty and Gregg had bowled their allotted 12. It was now down to The Burly and The Pie to restrict the runs in the last 8 overs. The pie removed the red lid with one which went down the hill and the Creech skipper went in the calf and hobbled off. Still they had long since passed 150 and crept up to 180 in the last overs before Ken took a wicket last ball of their innings to leave them 180 for 9.

At 111 for 7 they were staring down the well worn barrel, but some stout defence and big whacking in the middle order had rescued the innings for them. The track was now dry and the ball coming on and not doing too much. So with our long line of batting masters all champing at the bit to get out there and knock off the runs, the second half began. After that is, a top tea performance from my wife who served up a feast which was totally demolished. Mostly by Fraser who helped himself to 5 cakes before disappearing off to the roller to stuff himself silly.

The second half began with Warren and Andy opening up against the Creech attack. We knew they were going to be heavily reliant on Crawley and Chris Ough who are their only real match winners. Once we had seen these two off it would be plain sailing, right? Yeah right, sailing straight off the end of the world. Once more our inability to grind out the first 10 to 15 overs put us under pressure.

Warren went lbw for 1, stuck in the crease to a Crawley Yorker. Andy tried to hit Ough over the top and was caught by a tumbling Chinnock junior at extra cover. Not quite our usual 10 for 2 but near enough. In came the Oz who has been prolific in the previous league matches. He was caught behind for 2 off Crawley 3 overs later. In strode Nick the Gloves. The opening attack had almost done its job, so to keep a few up their sleeve for later on, they were removed and the change bowlers came on. At last something to hit you might think ? Yes, and in Nick's case a slow long hop straight down backward points neck! Enter the Burly Ken, stacks of talent still waiting to come, but with the hole we were in looking more like the Grand Canyon, we dug ourselves even deeper with a joke run out. Ever heard the old adage never run on a mis-field ? well we haven't. we did, and Oggie was back in the hutch for the same score as a Portuguese striker might rack up.

Last chance saloon now as were crept towards 35 for 5. That soon became 45 for 6 as Ken after two mighty blows was undone by a creeper from the pavvy end that found his edge. The keeper standing up held on. Still to come were Stan and Ollie, well Stan and Bones then, Stan lasted as long as a Tim Henman break point and was snapped up driving to mid-off. Rusty and Bones managed a little stand of 15 to take us passed 50 before Bones edged a slow donkey drop to gully.

51 for 9 off 22 overs was the score that greeted me as I went to the crease. If we were playing draw cricket, I would have put money on me and Rusty staying the distance. However win loose means no more blocking out for draws. This limits me slightly to almost no shots at all. Well OK, the forward defensive and the whack over mid wicket, but they wouldn't do us much good here.

Rusty on the other hand has scored runs before, and I thought if we could just hang in there for 10 overs, who knows? maybe we could get to 100 or so. The Creech immediately brought back the openers to finish us off. I was dropped behind off a Chris Ough delivery and then on the fence pulling a slow long hop. Apart from that I made a chanceless 9 while Rusty top scored with 15. we put on 25 in 13 overs before Rusty was bowled by a Crawley Yorker.

All out 75 with 9 overs left. Humiliation big time. We haven't batted as badly as this for ages. Even last year's 48 at Street was excusable as we were facing world class swing bowling. But this was the lowest yet. Funnily enough next week we're back down at Street again. Let's hope we can get our heads down and put in a performance that Chew Magna CC will be proud of. We are being dragged into a relegation fight that we shouldn't be in, so its in our hands to sort it out.

As with every game I will be awarding a star-man award to this game. Only one man comes anywhere near a star-man performance, and that was Dave Rusty Filer who bowled with pace, accuracy and determination. He also top scored and took part in the highest partnership of the game (for the tenth wicket). Well done Rusty, you were a credit. A super tanker full of Swerve Clinko is on its way across the lake as I write this report.

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