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Match Report

1st XI v Stapleton (H)

Sunday, 24th June 2007
National Village Knockout, Area Final

For the casual observer, Stapleton, playing their cricket two levels above Chew Magna, should have been hot favorites at Chew Court for this Avon and Somerset Area Final. The wicket was soft and green befitting a track at the end of the wettest June on record.

Stapleton won the toss and chose to bat under cloudy and humid conditions, most of the assembled thought this a strange decision. The folly of that call was very quickly evident as Gary Filer and Rhys Thomas opened the bowling for Chew. The ball swung and seamed consistently and the Stapleton openers looked decidedly uncertain. It was Gary Filer who got the break through picking up two wickets in his first 5 overs, one lbw and one bowled. Thomas plugged away at the pavilion end keeping the runs down, and the overs ticked away with Stapleton making slow progress.

After 14 overs the number 4 decided he had seen enough and decided to go after the bowlers. He deposited both back over their heads for 6 in the space of three overs, but then made the fatal error of chasing Filers last delivery (a wide) got an edge and was caught behind. Building pressure causes mistakes and he had just made one. That dismissal was a turning point.

The Stapleton batsmen that followed were not up to the task and gave their wickets away in almost cavalier fashion. Dave Filer picked up 3 as did Andy Witcombe, and the tail wagged briefly when the number 9 hoisted Filer for a big six into the paddock. But it was too little too late. Then to top it all, the last man out was run out with 5 overs still to go. What would Mr Boycott have said to that? Probably something along the lines of "in my day...."

After an enormous tea served up by Marina and Pam, Chew set about overhauling the modest 135 to win. Old stagers Andy Witcombe and Richard Gatton opened the batting and looked to be getting on top of some useful bowling at 40 for no wicket after 13 overs. However, Chew never like to do things the easy way and so pressed the self destruct button big time as the wickets avalanched. First to go was Andy padding up, lbw. Then Rich chipped a long hop to cover point, Nick Beedell played across a straight half volley, lbw. Neil Ogborne, played down the wrong line, bowled. Gary Filer similar, edged to the keeper. Mayhem upon disaster as Chew batsmen trudged back to the pavilion with the Stapleton fielders scenting victory, our world was turning to that unmentionable stuff.

Enter Dave Filer the hero of Timsbury, surely he would turn it around? No, not this time, Dave tried to loft one back over the bowler, failed to give it enough and was caught at long off. Panic was setting in, was Ken our last hope? One big hit over the road and we were on our way again, four more down the ground and Ken looked as if he would go nuclear anytime soon. Disaster, Ken clean out trying to launch another Saturn 5. Now it was down to Paul King and Danny Gatton. With the required rate climbing towards 5 an over Chew needed a cool head and Bones supplied it as he played the innings of the day. Back to basics stuff really, play straight, block the good ones, score off the bad ones.

Bones by now had gone onto 18 then with a new bowler on at the tree end took advantage of some cafeteria deliveries and helped himself to 13 off the over. The game had swung back to Chew, but Danny Gatton kept our nerves jangling as he played across another straight one and was bowled for 4. Mark Anderton was number 10 and the number 11 was not best pleased at the situation I can tell you.

With 3 overs left, Ando hit a four and Bones scrapped home for a 2 to bring us within 3 for victory. With 2 to get in two overs the pressure relaxed just a bit and Bones prodded one through a gap and set off for the 44 yards to victory. Yet another nail biting finish and I for one am down to my cuffs, so please fellas, no more like this!

Todays awards: The Champagne Moment was hard to call, so I will award two men of the match, and they are Gary Filer for his phenomenal opening burst, and of course Paul King "Bones" for his cool head and straight bat at the end. Well done to you, you saved our necks without any doubt. The CJ Hole Numpty moment goes to any one of those batsmen who threw away their wickets with cross bat slogs. As Rusty would say, do not take a boo.

The next round is against the Oxfordshire Group winners. We do not know who they are yet, but as soon as I know, you will. Stay tuned for more Magna Madness.

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