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Match Report

2nd XI v Bradley Stoke (H)

Saturday, 4th June 2011
Bristol & District Cricket League
Senior Division

The twos shot themselves in the foot at Chew Court with a collapse that reminded some of the older players of the good old days.

Batting first Gatton and White looked good against some reasonable bowling from the Bradley Stoke attack. It wasn't until the leg spinner arrived that things went down hill.

At 121 for 1 things looked good, and a total of 200 plus looked in order. Simon White was the barsman out, chipping a half volley to midwicket, Then Chew suffered a minor melt down. We all new that the top 6 needed to get the runs as the bottom 5 were somewhat lacking in fire power. Sadly Bones adged to slip, Captain Witcome was left stranded as Rich Gatton came racing through for a quick single. Shortly after this Rich himself was undone by the legger Coles as he swept and missed. The ball taking leg stump.

121 for 1 had become 124 for 4. Which then became 124 for 5 as Barry Read was caught off a full toss.

Thomas the Pie and Olympic sprinter Smith steadied the ship for a few overs until Warren was undone by the legger, again caught at slip.

Jess Oliphant joined the Pie and the two of them succeeded in crawling close to the 175 target they had set themselves. Jess went bowled for 10 and the Pie launched the Pig only to find two fielders converging on the ball from long on and long off. The inevitable collision took place with one fielder dropping the ball as he crashed into the other player. Sadly for the Pie the other player then caught the ball inches from the turf. Tear up that lottery ticket its not your day.

The wagged very briefly as Banksy crashed a four to the point fence and we reached the 175. He then played out the rest of the over in the style of Geoff Boycott. Minus housepoint Banksy. And I don't care what your Art teacher says about your drawing.

After a fab tea of cake and more cake Chew set about defending their score.

It didn;t take long to realise that taking the wicket of Coles was going to be crucial. Sadly we didn't and he scored an impressive 82 before falling to a Captain Andy offer. (not a two for one, you get my meaning)

175 was probably 50 runs short on this strip and Bradley Stoke swept to victory with 8 overs and 7 wickets to spare.

The bowling was average and the fielding was, well I'll leave that to your imagination.... Think poor and multiply by 10.

The two highlights and joint winners of the champange moment goes to Ali Heron for his "Catching the ball while it comes over your shoulder" routine. Very impressive feat of genuine athleticism, and the Pie for his trip and fall onto hard ground whilst catching a falling bomb.

The C J Hole Numpty moment goes to Bones for his juggling act that wouldn't have looked out of place at Billy Smarts Circus. The Pie delivers a viscious leg spinner to the BS No. 4, he edges to slip, Bones catches it, drops it, catches it drops it and then finally gives up and lets it fall to the ground. Absolute genius. I was half expecting the doors to fall off his car as he drove out of the ground... Move over Co Co, there's a new act in town.

Two Wins, Two Losses and a rained off, what's coming next as we head for the "village of Timsbury"







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